5 Summer Isles Sea Kayak Adventures

Five great sea kayak adventures in the Scottish Summer Isles.

Resetting a Routine

Thoughts on a winters rambling and the Coldest Corbetts

But what about the farts?

What it’s like so far living in a little red van.


Rounding Nordkapp by kayak.

Inland On Ice

A journey around the extremities of the Torres Del Paine National Park.

Logistics: Patagonia Kayak

How to plan a kayak expedition in Patagonia

Ultima Esperanza

Going Solo in the Patagonian frontier by kayak in an attempt to paddled a lake unknown to be paddled before.

Cerro Toro

Re-discovering Patagonia under the stars on a mountain summit.
Travesía de Cerro Tore.


Tracing a 60km route between colossal glaciers and turquoise lakes the W-circuit takes it name from the shape of it’s route. The popular, well-marked trail leads through the Torres del Paine national park, A UNESCO world Biosphere reserve named after the formidable granite range which dominates the region. It is recommended to plan 4-5 days to tackle the hike with days ranging from 5-10 hours dependent on fitness & ability. The challenge in the route is brought through Patagonia’s notoriously harsh and unpredictable weather.

Logistics: Crossing Iceland

How to cross Iceland