Season Four

Returning to Patagonia for a fourth year. The adventures begin…

Second Plan A

Always have a plan B, when plan B becomes plan A that is when a story to tell.

Inland On Ice

A journey around the extremities of the Torres Del Paine National Park.

By Way of the Wind

A Kayak expedition in Patagonia Part II. Turning south into the heart of the wild.

Paddles, Penguins and Parrots

A Kayak expedition in Patagonia Part I. Setting out to South America’s largest glacier.

Logistics: Patagonia Kayak

How to plan a kayak expedition in Patagonia


What it takes to kayak guide in one of the worlds harshest places. The differences between personal and professional paddling.

Ultima Esperanza

Going Solo in the Patagonian frontier by kayak in an attempt to paddled a lake unknown to be paddled before.

Cerro Toro

Re-discovering Patagonia under the stars on a mountain summit.
Travesía de Cerro Tore.

Paddles in Patagonia

Learning to live and work as an expedition kayak guide in Chilean Patagonia.


Tracing a 60km route between colossal glaciers and turquoise lakes the W-circuit takes it name from the shape of it’s route. The popular, well-marked trail leads through the Torres del Paine national park, A UNESCO world Biosphere reserve named after the formidable granite range which dominates the region. It is recommended to plan 4-5 days to tackle the hike with days ranging from 5-10 hours dependent on fitness & ability. The challenge in the route is brought through Patagonia’s notoriously harsh and unpredictable weather.