Tracing a 60km route between colossal glaciers and turquoise lakes the W-circuit takes it name from the shape of it’s route. The popular, well-marked trail leads through the Torres del Paine national park, A UNESCO world Biosphere reserve named after the formidable granite range which dominates the region. It is recommended to plan 4-5 days to tackle the hike with days ranging from 5-10 hours dependent on fitness & ability. The challenge in the route is brought through Patagonia’s notoriously harsh and unpredictable weather.

Packing for Patagonia

Life is not about sitting at home knowing what is coming next but jumping straight into new unknown opportunities.

The Hidden Gorges of Loch Broom [Garbh Allt]

Re-visiting a childhood adventure to find out what had changed;
Exploring the Garbh Allt gorge in Loch Broom.

Tongariro Northern Circuit

New Zealand/Aoteora’s Tongariro is the world’s fourth oldest national park. Managed and operated by the Department of Conservation the site holds world heritage status for both cultural and geological reasons. The park is well visited and most known… Read More