Coldest Corbett

C O L D E S T    C O R B E T T



Between May 2013 and 2014 I explored Scotland by kayak, bike and on foot in a year long expedition that circumnavigated the coast and summited all 282 munro mountains. Along the way I discovered a beautifully harsh landscape and hidden amongst it the kindest of strangers. Somewhere in a year of wet feet, waves and a winter wind I found a passion in the ‘Great British Adventure.’

In the winter of 2016/17 I returned to the Scottish mountains.

And I asked YOU to join me.

Project #ColdestCorbett was a mega mountain mission with a huge difference to my last journey, which was mostly solo. This time I aimed to crowd source companionship by inviting anyone and everyone to join me, over the six months it took to complete the 222 summits, over a third of my days were with company, totalling 66 new companions whom I am now proud to call friends.


I ‘officially’ (whatever that means) started on November 1st, but in the run up to starting and whilst preparing the van which I would call home, I ‘ticked’6 summits in the NW Highlands including those on Skye and Harris. For the next six months, I ran, cycled and even kayaked into the mountains, using ‘Alice’ my transit van as a home. While many days were familiarly wet, wild and snowy the winter of 16/17 was abnormally mild. This meant a perfect chance to dry out, make friends and share campfire stories whenever possible. I am eternally grateful to all those who joined me and look forward to seeing more on the hills in future.

T H E    J O U R N E Y    IN   STILLS


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