Tales of travels shared with honesty, passion and humour.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to spend a year in a tent? What reaaaallly happens if you soak your feet in soggy boots or how to brew coffee with your underwear? I have talks on adventures from across the world.

Whether you’re a school looking to inspire beyond the blackboard (do they still use those?), or a business needing an adventure fix I’d love to talk and get your audience fired up for tackling their own next adventure, my message is simple- adventure is right here on your doorstep, just get out and start.

Just drop me a friendly hello at: willcopestakemedia@hotmail.com







2 Comments on “Speaking

  1. Hi Will, Heard you on radio Scotland this afternoon- am green with envy , in principle at least!
    I am an explorer scout leader in Dalbeattie , D and G. Have about 25 14-16 yr olds in unit currently doing various DofE levels, etc. Do you know yet when you are planning to be in our region? – 6 Corbetts ( just looked it up!), wondered if it might be possible for us to join you in a hike/for you to come along and speak to our group?
    Many thanks Alison

    • Hi Alison.

      Great to hear from you. I will be heading to the hills near you next after Arran- hoping to start on Sunday then Monday. Perhaps I could suggest Merrick if this would work? 25 people is a big group so I would need other adults to help me- The weather looks fantastic over the next few days however so could work. Drop me an email on willcopestakemedia@hotmail.com and we can discuss options.

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