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Short Bio: 

Will Copestake is a Scottish adventurer and photographer. He spent a year kayaking around Scotland, biking and summiting all 282 3000ft mountains in a single winter, a journey totalling 5700km with 147000m of vertical ascent. For which he was named the Scottish and National Adventurer of the year 2015.

Will has in the past trekked the great walks of New Zealand,walked across Iceland and most recently worked as a kayak guide in Chilean Patagonia. Pursuing a life of adventure Will now balances working professionally in the outdoors with big personal adventures.

Full Bio:
For a full bio about Will click here. If you want to ask a question or have a chat click here.

Photos for Media Use: 

You have my permission to download the high-res head-shots available below for use in media as long as they are appropriately back linked and credited to this website.  

Dhu1In Patagonia The CairngormsScottish WindWinter

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