Will Copestake’s love of the outdoors started from an early age. Growing up in the North West highlands of Scotland Will was immersed in Sailing, Kayaking, Cycling and hiking. Encouraged by a loving family and the local field club a love of natural history developed.

At age 17 working as a deckhand for a local cruise boat to the Summer Isles will discovered a passion in photography and between working on the boat and as a lifeguard funded an 10 month trip to New Zealand.
At age 18 Will hiked solo across the 8 “Great walks” of New Zealand , including the 11 day North West circuit on Stewart Island. Will also Volunteered as a hut warden in Tongariro National Park for the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

Returning to Scotland Will enrolled in a four year degree in Environmental Science and Outdoor Education at the University of Stirling. Meeting like minded friends Will and close friend Remi Mcmurtry hiked 600km across Iceland  in 27 days, as part of a three month self planned expedition in the summer of 2011 three months were spent living in a tent and eating copious quantities of S.M.A.S.H.

Now approaching his final year at university Will is focusing on pursuing a career in photography, and has his sights set on the next expedition, a solo sea kayak journey around Scotland followed by the summing of all the Scottish “Munros” (mountains over 3000ft) using only a bicycle to travel between.


6 Comments on “More

  1. Hi Will, Very impressed with your WordPress site and photography. Good meeting you on the Ferry from Barra today. Best wishes, Doug

  2. Will

    Good to meet ye in Pennan.. hope ye made it back tae the tent in one piece!
    Some crackin content on the site.

    Best o luck on the east coast!

    Keep in touch


    • Thank you very much Josue.

      I often find my images turn up in funny places..such as the backgrounds to youtube videos or russian photo sharing websites (credited to my site of course).

      I cannot believe the braiseness of this user to not only steal but to claim total rights to having taken the image.

      I have reported it and it has been taken down.

      I really appreciate that.
      Thank you.

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