Tales of travels shared with honesty, passion and humour.

Will has spent years tackling adventures through a variety of disciplines. Each journey generated a wealth of experiences, stories and lessons to be reflected upon. Whether learning through teenage enthusiasm the first time lessons in solo camping  by hiking through New Zealand’s Great Walks or how to make the most of a student summer holiday by Crossing Iceland on foot and Kayaking around Scotland and climbing the Munro Mountains in a single year on a budget of £3000 and Climbing the Corbetts in one winter, to discovering the art of gale force guiding and Expeditions in Patagonia by kayak and how this led to the nicknames ‘El Machina’, ‘The Crazy Goat’ and ‘Willy Wonka’.

Will was named both UK and Scottish adventurer of the year (2015) for his expeditions in Scotland and featured on the San Miguel Rich list (2018) which celebrates lives rich by passion not profit. An expedition photographer, guide and owner of Kayak Summer Isles, Will is not one to stay idle.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to spend a year in a tent? Would you like to know how cups of tea fix broken feet? Or how to pack a kayak for 40 days.

Will has been talking about his adventures for half a decade across three continents to Schools, businesses, clubs and symposiums. Whether you’re a school looking to inspire beyond the blackboard (do they still use those?), or a business needing an adventure fix I’d love to talk and get your audience fired up for tackling their own next adventure, my message is simple- adventure is right here on your doorstep, just get out and start.

Just drop me a friendly hello at: willcopestakemedia@hotmail.com

5 Comments on “SPEAKING

  1. Hi Will, Very impressed with your WordPress site and photography. Good meeting you on the Ferry from Barra today. Best wishes, Doug

  2. Will

    Good to meet ye in Pennan.. hope ye made it back tae the tent in one piece!
    Some crackin content on the site.

    Best o luck on the east coast!

    Keep in touch


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