Coldest Corbett

C O L D E S T    C O R B E T T



Between May 2013 and 2014 I explored Scotland by kayak, bike and on foot in a year long expedition that circumnavigated the coast and summited all 282 munro mountains. Along the way I discovered a beautifully harsh landscape and hidden amongst it the kindest of strangers. Somewhere in a year of wet feet, waves and a winter wind I found a passion in the ‘Great British Adventure.’

This winter I am returning to the Scottish mountains.

And I want YOU to join me.


Project #ColdestCorbett is a mega mountain mission. However there is a huge difference between this and my last journey which was mostly solo. This time I want to invite you to join me in hiking to a summit or two. There are 222 Corbetts to choose from.


H O W    Y O U    C A N    F I N D     M E

I ‘officially’ (whatever that means) start on November 1st. In the run up to starting whilst preparing the van which I now call home I have already ‘ticked’6 summits in the NW Highlands including those on Skye and Harris. My plan is now to head south and start working north.

You can email  and call me on:

  • +44 7535 273364 *temporary number because my normal phone is being repaired 

Even easier is to find me on social media (twitter/instagram/facebook) under the hashtag


Whenever I can I will post my location and the hill I will be doing the next day, this will be on Twitter and Facebook so keep an eye out for texts like this:

‘1st October: The Car Park beside Beinn Mountain Grid Ref: NN123 543- Start 8am.  Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard. ‘ Weather: Good/Moderate/’Character Building’ (hard)

I have a maroon transit van with kayaks on the roof so should be easy to spot. If you can only come by public transport just get in contact and if it’s close by I can drive to nearby train stations or bus-stops and pick you up (I can fit two passengers only in my van).

Days on the hill are on a first come first served basis and would like to keep our groups to a maximum of 6 for safety reasons.


I S    I T    H A R D ? / S A F E ?

Every hill is different. I will only give the option to join on those days I feel are safe to do so, this is largely down to weather and snow. First and foremost options given are based on safety.  If conditions are dangerous then we don’t go- this is how safe hill-walking works.

I currently hold a Summer Mountain Leader certificate which allows me to lead people in summer conditions: this of course is a winter mission. I will be operating on my own experience taken from a winter round of the munros and a few years working as a guide. The offer for you to join me is on the understanding that you accept that you care coming as a friend and that I am not officially leading you and that there is an inherent risk in winter hill-walking. I am inviting you to join as a friend and not as a client.

In terms of difficulty: I will describe each days difficulty along with my location tweets and messages. For example.

Easy – Little experience required – fit enough to climb at least 2500ft (762m) and back.

Medium – Some walking experience needed: May be a little ‘hands on’ or the weather might be bad.

Character Building (Hard) – Previous experience needed. Long days with more than one peak required. Might be an over-night or may involve more serious weather.

Whilst I hope to summit every Corbett I am not concerned about having to turn around before the top if we as a team cannot make it- I am also not in a big rush so please don’t be worried about ‘slowing me down’- the whole idea is to share an adventure, even if it only goes half way up.

I F    I     J O I N    W H A T    M I G H T    I     N E E D ?

I will always be carrying with me a personal backpack with various items for every eventuality, this includes a comprehensive medical kit, thermal blanket and bothy bag (a tent for emergencies) as well as short rope and spare warm clothing and navigation equipment. I also carry a personal locator beacon (SPOT2) and mobile phone just in case. I also have one spare mountain tent if you are joining for more than one day (I don’t have a spare sleeping bag or mat). Whilst I am carrying various spare warm clothes, gloves, hats etc, I would like to ask you to bring your own equipment that is suitable for a winter day in the mountains for example:

What you will need at a minimum: 

*It is a good idea to have a familiarity with the use of crampons and ice axes before attempting a winter hill. – With snow on the summit these are also essential.

  • Lots of spare warm fleece/thermal tops (No cotton – no jeans!)
  • Waterproofs ( I have one spare jacket- size small).
  • Hat & Spare hat
  • Gloves & spare gloves
  • Head-Torch & Spare Batteries
  • Rucksack
  • Lunch
  • Good boots (ankle supporting)
  • Sleeping bag/mat if staying overnight
  • A smile (this can be provided).



I am hoping to hold talks all over the country as I go- if you know anywhere near you I would love to hear about it and maybe come to speak. I have talks ranging from preparing your own adventure to exploring many far flung places in the world including Iceland, Patagonia, Norway,  Scotland and New Zealand.

S E E    Y O U    O U T     T H E R E




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